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Born in Mumbai, with a ‘silver screen spoon’, my life unfolded looking up to father Mumtaz Ali, renowned choreographer, actor of ‘Bombay Talkies’. My dance guru however, happened to be a genius who had no legs! My first live dance performance was at age seven as Lord Krishna. I also remember featuring in a song in the film ‘Seema’.

I grew up watching my siblings being absorbed into the film industry; Sister Minoo Mumtaz as dancer/artiste and brother Mehmood as comedian. Watching films became an integral part of my upbringing…

A career in films by chance, choice or destiny…

My first movie was ‘Sadhu aur Shaitan’ in 1968. Then came legendary K. A. Abbas’s film ‘Saat Hindustani’ in 1969. What followed thereafter was a spate of films namely, ‘Wafaa’ , ‘Albela’ ,’Caravan’, ‘Parwana’, ’Bansi Birju’, ’Manzil’ , ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya’ and the most memorable, evergreen film ‘Bombay to Goa’ (Scene, Song)! By then I had managed to traverse from villain to hero to jilted lover to comedian!

Entry into film production by dedication, diversification or capability…

I co-produced the super-hit ‘Kunwaara Baap’; the blockbuster hit ‘Khud-daar’; and the critically acclaimed ‘Kaash’, screened specially for the then president of India Shri. Venkataraman.

Diversification into the restaurant business by way of ‘Songkrran Thai’ in 1995 was a result of undying passion for food…

More recently I was part of the jury of the national film awards in 2006, the jury of a special section of films at the international film festival of India, Goa in 2009.

An invite to ‘walk’ the ramp at the ‘international film festival of India, Goa 2009 fashion show, turned up to be a revival of my dancing skills as part of the ramp walk !

A lifetime of chances, choices, destinies, dedications, diversifications, capabilities…

The endeavour continues…

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Bombay Talkies
Mumtaz Ali
Mumtaz Ali in film Seema
Saat Hindustani
Saat Hindustani
Ramp Walk, Goa 2009 fashion show
Ramp Walk, Goa 2009 fashion show